I am a member in good standing of Spiritual Directors International. 

Off and on since 2005, I've offered some form of Spiritual Direction

to individuals and groups. For more information on my contemplative practice, visit this website. 


What is Spiritual Direction?

(Taken in part from Spiritual Directors International) 


Spiritual Direction inspires people to experience authenticity in their lives. It encourages connecting and exploring your inner Self. Go beyond life and death. Align with Universal Truth. A Spiritual Director or companion is an intuitive friend. Supporting your journey through accountability and compassion. 


In Spiritual Direction, you'll reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life. Gradually, as you contemplate, you'll recognize a deeper connection and sense a presence. This is Grace. It comes with the discovery that Grace goes with you, every moment and everywhere. 


Spiritual Direction is not actually about being directed. Rather it is about being encouraged to draw closer to your true Self. You are free to speak about spirituality using language that is significant to you. Whether you attend a church, mosque, synagogue, temple or none of these, Spiritual Direction supports you.


Traditions or not, all are welcome. 


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Clients come to Spiritual Direction to:


  • Identify and Trust spiritual experiences

  • Bring Spirituality into daily life

  • Make difficult choices

  • Share hopes, struggles and losses

  • Uncover meaning

  • Live in greater integrity

  • Shed light on confounding issues


Book a Complimentary One Hour Session with Doree


Questions to Ask a Prospective Spiritual Director


Spiritual Directors International recommends you ask each person you interview to become your spiritual director questions such as:


  1. What spiritual formation and theological education do you have in spiritual direction?

  2. What is your personal experience tending your own prayer, meditation, and contemplative life?

  3. What is your experience as a spiritual director? How many years? In what environments? What are you most interested in spiritually?

  4. How do you continue your education and supervision for your spiritual direction ministry and service?

  5. What ethical guidelines do you abide by, such as those published by Spiritual Directors International? Have you ever been accused or convicted of misconduct?

  6. What type of engagement agreement will we establish to clarify roles and responsibilities in our spiritual direction relationship?














Book a Complimentary One Hour Session with Doree

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