The Best Diet Book Ever

November 19, 2019

What if I told you I just read the best book on diet, nutrition and fitness in my life. I mean this book is extraordinary! It cuts through all the garbage information (not unlike the garbage food people eat). It delivers honest and simple strategies.The authors present REAL science as it applies to REAL people. 


I've been following Ted Naiman MD on Twitter for some time now. He's the real deal. And co-author, actor and body builder, William Shewfelt, has done some enjoyable interviews over the years. Their book, The P:E Diet, is available only on Kindle.


If you don't have time, take a moment now and I'll share 3 powerful lessons. 


Lesson #1 - Prioritize Protein

When did we get so nervy about protein? Acting as if it's possible to overdose. Our bodies pay close attention to protein. Overeating it is difficult as we near the required amount we miraculously feel full. This does not happen in the same (sensitive way) with carbohydrates and fats. The most important of the 3 macronutrients, we can convert protein to carbohydrate or fat when required. 


Dr Naiman's recommendation is 1gm of protein per lb of ideal body weight. For example, if your ideal body weight is 145 lbs, then shoot for 145 gms of protein each day.


Protein exists in many forms. Animal sources tend to be superior (fish, eggs, beef, chicken). However, if you're determined to get your protein from plants, this is possible too. Seek out non-GMO soy products, temph and hemp hearts as high sources of plant-based protein. 



Back to the 1gm/1lb ideal body weight recommendation. This far exceeds any government RDA (recommended daily allowance.) I think I know why. Just follow the money. Big grain companies producing cereals, breads, pastas and other foodstuffs are behind the formation of Government Food Guides. Of course it explains why for decades we've been told to consume 8+ servings each day of grains. Yet when you look around you'll see why Dr Naiman's second powerful lesson exists.


Lesson #2 - Beware Consuming TOO Much Energy

We are struggling with a situation Dr Naiman calls, Energy Toxicity. Simply put, we eat too much food. And we eat too often. It's easy to do when carbohydrates are the featured item at each meal. But it's not just carbohydrates. With the Keto-craze (and don't get me wrong, Keto is a vast improvement and saves the lives of the metabolically toxic like type 2 diabetics) people have shifted their overconsumption of carbs to fats.


"I'll just have another BulletProof coffee."


Believe me, I've done it myself. Yet... 


The way to achieve a feeling of fullness and calm is through consumption of ENOUGH protein each day.


Carbs and Fats will not get you there. In fact, unless your body feels satisfied with enough protein, you'll continue to be hungry. So Prioritize Protein and be careful not to overconsume food energy through fats and carbs. 


Lesson #3 - Eat Mineral Rich Green Leafy Plants (but not too much). The days of massive dinner salads need to be left in the past. These can cause issues through over consumption of plant anti-nutrients (like oxalates). Few dieters can eat a salad without dressing so there's the added fat and sugar.


Bottom line, when you bulk up with salad, you take up valuable body-real estate essential for protein. 


It really is that simple.


Make sure the greens you eat are compatible with your body. Some people struggle with spinach while others have to avoid cabbagey foods like broccoli. Listen to your body. It will tell you. 


Let me know if I can help you on your journey toward health and healing. I have a few coaching spots available at 6am (Pacific Time) some weekdays and Friday afternoons. 



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