Feel Alive Friday

August 9, 2019


Here's your weekly dose of, "Feel Alive Friday" a short list of what I’m meditating and musing on.



What I'm studying this week...

I've had some experience with forming Facebook Groups. This week a client has me reconsidering the creation of a new Facebook group. Building an effective group on Facebook can help me, help thousands of people. Plus it gives me an outlet for being the, "All Learning Channel!" So I'm looking into the possibilities and How tos.

Stay Tuned!



What I'm doing for my body...

Bunion relief. I have a bunion on the ball joint of my right foot, dang it! This means reduced mobility in the joint and sometimes it hurts. I've tried several remedies. Drugstore toe spacers, expensive podiatrist invented, Correct Toes, wide, zero drop shoes, even toe socks!


These strategies may help the bunion from getting worse, but I'd like to see improvement.


Here's what really helped.


Getting to the root of the bunion issue which is a misalignment in the hip joint. Cue Pete Egoscue's fantastic postural alignment discoveries!


If you suffer from ANY joint issues, Pete's your man. He wrote the book, Pain Free. There are numerous helpful YouTube videos featuring his work. Google search: your joint issue + Egoscue and get some relief!



What's happening in my kitchen...

Magnesium water. I make my own magnesium supplement. You can too with only two ingredients! 


Take 1 litre of unflavoured Club soda (or fizzy water from your SodaStream) ADD 3 tsp (no more) of unflavoured Milk of Magnesia (available at any drug store or pharmacy). Make sure the container cap is on tight. 


Shake gently. Then shake every few minutes for 10-15 minutes or until the water turns clear. That's it!


The chemical reaction between the fizzy water and the Milk of Magnesia creates magnesium bicarbonate a bioavailable form of magnesium you can drink!


Dosage is 1/2 c twice a day. Careful not to overdose or you may get cramps. Did you know? Magnesium is essential for over 100 body functions. It's an important supplement for mental health, muscle and joint function as well as smooth digestion and improved sleep. 



Quote I'm appreciating...


"I approve of myself."


Louise Hay shared this powerful affirmation in her book, "You Can Heal Your Life." She suggests using it with a mirror. I've never been into daily affirmations. However, there are a few powerful catch-all phrases that can't hurt. To release blocks to self acceptance and love, give this one a whirl. 



What's funny...


Righteous indignation. As in, those so offended they cross into the absurd. Puffed up with unyielding opinion they only listen to those who agree. A tell tale sign is the complete absence of humour (the ego IS humorless). Those possessed by righteous indignation cannot be reasoned with. They aren't listening (unless you 100% agree). Yet something about their ego possession is amusing. Far too provocative, I don't recommend giggling around these types. Best to give them a wide berth.   



Until next week, Be Strong and HAVE FUN!


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