One Surprising Way to Survive the Holidays

December 7, 2018

I've made a lifestyle around the practice of letting go. As a highly sensitive person the method of letting go I use has been a great gift.


5 Years ago, while doing my Masters degree, I began a blog and podcast series on Letting Go.


The blog site is dedicated to my spiritual teacher (of the past 14 years) Dr David R Hawkins, and features his last book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender.


I created the letting go blog as part of a Masters degree, directed study. Using a simple yet powerful method, I encourage readers to let go while reading or listening to the posts. Since my first post, this humble blog has attracted close to 50,000 visitors! 


Check it out, if letting go is an intention of yours. 


I'm delighted to share a recording on letting go of clutter.


Warning: This episode has some "potty" humour.


Here it is:


Letting go of your clutter (inner and outer) is a form of self-care. To begin, start with your stuff. 


Thank you for letting go and thank you for taking care of yourself. 


If you'd like to learn the powerful method I use for Letting Go, I offer a unique coaching service. 








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    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


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