A Powerful Habit for Highly Sensitive People

December 5, 2018

Highly Sensitive People are deep thinkers. They are like the best brand of paper towel. Absorbent. It's no reason, they need plenty of alone time to shake off the residue they pick up. But they also need something else.


A journal. 


A way to express all the energy and information they absorb. Writer and creativity coach, Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way) encouraged all her creativity students to do "Morning Pages," everyday. These morning pages are a journal of sorts. Three, handwritten pages of whatever spills out of your sensitive little head. 


Since the early 90's, writing down whatever comes up has been so liberating for me. I care little about what my pen is spewing. From a vicious rant to a sweet love letter, all on the same page.


Frequently, my thoughts begin in the outer yucky layers of the ego. I discovered writing down the layers is a form of letting go. A page or so in and my state has shifted from grumpy and small to sunny and optimistic. I often reach a state of gratitude naturally in my writing. 


"Ogres are like onions. They have layers." ~ Shrek


There is, however, nothing wrong with a 3 page rant. 


Gratitude Journals - Do they work?


I guess it's why keeping a gratitude journal hasn't worked for me. It either felt fake or superficial. Letting myself complain if I wanted or pen my disappointment felt honest.


Giving yourself permission to write without judgement is the key to letting go negative energy. Feeling damned upset about something? Write it down, honey. Then make a fire and burn all evidence.


A journal can really be any form of expression from burnable parchment to vlog. Within a month or so, I tend to light the handwritten stuff on fire. It's served its purpose. 


This holiday season (and throughout the year), give yourself the gift of some healing journal time. 


Do you journal? How do you release pent up negativity, stories of woe, and trauma?


Let me know in the comments.



Doree :)






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