The Best Supplement for a Caregiver

December 1, 2018

Supplements are personal. On our healing journey, it's important to be a detective. To sleuth out what's best for you in the time of life you find yourself. Caregivers, empaths and sensitive types tend to be depleted in certain nutrients. 

One in particular, is magnesium. A deficiency in this precious nutrient can effect your mental health and well-being. 


Magnesium the Mineral


A "Coach Doree" Science Lesson:


An abundant electrolyte, magnesium is necessary for

300 enzymatic functions in your body. Critical for helping our cells produce energy, blood sugar regulation, muscle relaxation, and promoting flexible arteries. 


Involved in the creation of serotonin (a natural feel-good chemical) and regulation of stress hormones, poor magnesium stores can result in depression, anxiety and mood swings. 


A difficult deficiency to detect, magnesium blood levels are not a good indicator of low magnesium. 



Are you low in Magnesium? 


Put on your detective hat and ask yourself:


Are you....?

  • overly tired with low energy (only enough to be irritated)

  • grumpy, stubborn and belligerent (especially with loved ones)

  • restless and unfulfilled 

  • struggling with a poor memory

  • experiencing sleep problems or insomnia

  • achey muscles and joints

  • constipated


You may have a magnesium shortage.



The Vicious STRESS Cycle:

STRESS releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These cause a dumping of magnesium stores. Overtime, STRESS results in a magnesium deficiency. The magnesium needed to help with stress is now in short supply.


And guess what?


You are more stressed than ever!



 Bottom Line: A magnesium deficiency reduces our ability to deal with STRESS



Let's SOLVE it!


400mgs (up to 800mg) of Magnesium (in the form of Magnesium bicarbonate) taken in 2 daily doses (200mg-400mg /2 x /day) can help rebuild your stores. 


My favourite way to supplement Magnesium is to make my own. This recipe was inspired by Dr William Davis (Undoctored, 2017)




How to Make an Effective Magnesium Supplement (Magnesium Bicarbonate)


You'll need:


1 litre (35 oz) Seltzer Water (any unflavoured/unsugared fizzy water will do like Club Soda) Be certain it's just water. 


1 1/2 TBPS Milk of Magnesium (unflavoured)


What to do:

  1. Put the bubbly water in a container that gives you headspace.

  2. Shake the Milk of Magnesium well.

  3. Add it slowly to the fizzy water.

  4. Cap tightly and shake.

  5. Over 15 minutes, shake a few more times to mix the sediment. When it's turned clear, it's ready!



One serving =  1/2  - 1 cup / 140-280 ml / 4-8 oz 


Dosage = 2 servings / day (perhaps, morning and night)



**Careful not to overuse this supplement. It could result in abdominal/intestinal cramps or diarrhea . For more information check out this Undoctored blog post



If you choose this wonderful remedy, please let me know your results in the comments below.








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