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November 27, 2018


It's been a few months since I did a post on so here's an update.


What's going on for me these days? What have I been learning, reading and wondering about?


Let's see, in September, I took a trip of a lifetime. 3 weeks with 3 outstanding girlfriends. Touring Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Croatia including the stunning Island of Pag.






Then I got home, entered an Olympic lifting competition and qualified for the PanAm Games!


I did my best ever snatch at 40kg (88lbs).



 Oh and a week later, on Oct 8, I turned 50. (Ta dah!)


By the end of October, I had completed the year long PN Level 2 Coaching Certification.

It was a massive commitment and I needed all the discipline I could muster. I reduced my client numbers and set aside other projects. There were daily lessons, exams, over a dozen case studies, plenty of science and I only wanted to quit once.


I've been coaching or teaching in some capacity since I was 14 years old. Helping clients change is old hat. But it's 2018, and outside of a tea party with the Queen, we don't see old hats. I wanted to make sure my coaching skills were up to date.


Modern coaching uses advanced methods like Motivational Interviewing. A good coach doesn't tell you what to do. They evoke. And if they do this well, you'll have your next step plus a few powerful strategies to edge you closer to your vision.



What have I been reading?


I'm always reading up on healthy living strategies to add to my collection. For a tested, "get yourself healthier," game plan, pick up the book, Undoctored, by Dr William Davis (Wheatbelly). 




The basic Undoctored protocol balances restrictions like no sugar with healthy rituals such as daily supplementation of Vitamin D.


Here's a quick summary of the basic, Undoctored approach:


1. No grains 2. No sugar 3. Supplement Magnesium (which is amazing for Empaths), 4.Vitamin D, 5. Iodine (a drop a day will do ya) and 6. Fish oil. 


Dr Davis was inspired to help people take control of their health. You NEED a doctor for acute situations like a broken foot or a bacterial infection. However, for those struggling with a chronic illness, a visit to the doctor rarely turns things around. Instead, patients get drugs and pills that treat symptoms but don't heal.


Insulin, prescribed for Type II diabetics, is a perfect example. If you were looking for a drug that guarantees weight-gain and other worsening symptoms, that drug is insulin. Instead, we consider how food/lifestyle could be used to turn things around. Put that disease in its place!


Dr Davis, formerly a cardiologist, works with over 200 diseases where diet and lifestyle can make a difference. He is a true health coach. His latest book even includes fun grain and sugar-free recipes. 


My intention in reading and applying the ideas in Undoctored are simple. I'm looking to support my clients AND to optimize my own health. "Always Optimizing," that's my motto!


The Undoctored approach teaches readers many strategies. For instance, I learned how to make my own Magnesium Water! 


It's the best form (magnesium bicarbonate) AND it's so dang easy! 


Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on Why you need Magnesium and how to get some.


Until then...Happy Fall! 


















stay cozy









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