Words Matter: Know What They Mean to You

May 23, 2018

Clients inspire most of my posts. My courageous darlings face their journeys head-on. They reach out daily by email or a weekly Zoom meeting. Their personal accounts make me smile, cry and sit up straight. I'm aware of the trust they place in me and what this means. It's only fair I listen carefully to their words. 


Recently, a client opened my eyes to the vague topic of, Self-Care. Often when I hear these words, I cringe. 


Are you referring to MY definition of these words? Society's? The Yoga Community's, Google's?

I need a meaning here. Some clarity.


It's like the word, "mindfulness." What the heck does it mean?!


Phrases like: Be present, Find your centre, Hold space for..., and Spiritual.  Undefined, these are tools of avoidance. A way to talk about something without applying it to your life. Like reading about a place you wish to visit yet never going. 


It's ok if you're happy living on the shallow surface of your life.


Unless you've spent time defining a nebulous phrase like, Self-Care, why use it? Furthermore, why allow others to use it on you? When we do this, we actually give up our power to chose what's best and right for us. 


So, Self-Care. What does it mean and how does it apply to YOU?


Wanna find out in 5 minutes? 


Here's a proactive approach called, Mind Mapping. 


It works for any word, phrase or even problem you wish to explore. 

Write the word on the middle of a page. SELF CARE.

I like to circle it.


Now, give yourself 5 minutes. Write anything and everything that comes to mind and connect these words with lines. When you hit upon a connected idea that effects you physically or grabs your attention, circle it and map off of it. Don't spend time thinking. Let yourself free to write whatever wants to be on the page. 



Mind Mapping ~ Why bother? 


Words are power. If you take the time to get clear on the meaning of a phrase like Self-Care you make it a part of you. The alternative is someone else imposes their definition on you. When this happens, we resist it.  How's that Self-Care working for you?


Once you've got your Mind Map, let your creativity loose.


Take the ideas you've uncovered and create some inspiration.


Use colour, 

pictures, and homemade fonts.


Here's a fun fact:

The more you bring your unique self to this exercise, the more it will blossom in your life. Not bad for a 5 minute investment.  


A Strategy for ANY Problem or Issue... 


This method also works for any challenging issues like, "Losing Excess Body Fat." 


Mind Maps help you see what you know and what beliefs are running the show. Mind Maps create personal awareness. They are like a deep dive into yourself!


Try making one today. Here are some topics to chose from:



My Body

Healthy Lifestyle

Creativity and Me

My Love Relationship


My Career

Master bedroom Make-over


Apply Mind Mapping to anything under the sun! 


Wanna feel better in 5 minutes? Chose to Mind Map all the things you're grateful for. Having issues with your teenager? Write their name in the middle of a blank page and spill for 5 minutes on what's wonderful about them.


Creating a Mind Map is like revealing the invisible ink on yourself.


Underneath the unseen layers, YOU are a Work of Art. A Masterpiece. 





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