The Most Simple, Doctor Recommended Weight-loss Tip

November 30, 2017



One of my favourite teachers, an MD and Psychotherapist, Dr David R Hawkins, had the simplest tip for weight loss.  


"Don't eat."


In fact, to those struggling with excess weight he suggesting they give up eating and find other things to do with their time. 


I'm not joking and neither was Dr Hawkins.


"In the beginning, it's harder. So if you get hungry,

just lie down instead. The hunger will pass" ~ Dr Hawkins


Still not joking. 


I'll tell you why.


Not eating for a day or two (or three), can accomplish amazing things. You may notice:


  • your hunger has all but disappeared

  • your middle (tummy/bowels) area is smaller, less bloated perhaps

  • no more sugar cravings

  • if you're farty, this has stopped

  • you have more energy 

  • allergies have faded or disappeared

  • you're rested and sleep has improved

  • you're saving money on food costs!

  • your life has become less complicated and you've considered a new hobby or activities to fill your non-food times

  • hey, you're not thinking / obsessing all day about food!


Some may argue not eating can push the body into a detox resulting in headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. To this I say, just go slow. More on how to ease into it later. 


Have I got your curiosity peeked? Here's more...


First of all, if you take a break from eating, be sure to drink plenty of liquids. Fresh water, coffee, tea, herbals maybe some broth. The body must be hydrated. 


Second, you will eat. Whew, right?


Only when you do, you won't be ravenous ~ you'll be calm. It won't be to snarf down some carbaholic, sugar laden doughy thing ~ you'll find healthy whole foods. Most important, when you do eat, make it enjoyable, stress-free, and delicious! 


"Nothing beats mindless, junky eating like an appreciation for good food, thoughtfully prepared."  ~ Coach Doree



Ease Into It...


Yes, you will eat. A first try at this may look like skipping breakfast. Maybe the next day you'll skip until dinnertime. It could evolve into a fasting day, once a week. Or seasonal weekly breaks from food. How might your life improve if overtime this helped you unplug from unhealthy foods and poor eating habits?


Sound liberating? That's the point, plus losing a few pounds over time. 


"A few pounds?" you say. "A few pounds of water-weight maybe!"


If I were recommending a calorie restriction diet you'd be right. I'm not. This is different and it's asking you to learn about how not eating does other amazing things. Like balance the hormone, insulin.


According to Dr Jason Fung (The Obesity Code) balancing insulin, for many in the weight-loss struggle, is the key issue. 


What about starvation?! If I don't eat my body's gonna fight back by storing even more fat! 


This is simply not true and again not backed by the latest studies. But, if I was a large food company, let's say I produced breakfast cereals, I'd want everyone to believe: 


1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

2. Skipping meals is bad and will make you fatter.


Nope. And nope. 


I live by a certain principle - Consider WHO is doing the recommending and ask yourself, 


what's in it for them? 


What do surgeons recommend? 


What do you look for when you're holding a hammer?

A nail.


What do you find when you're desperate for weightloss?


100's of conflicting and extreme tips and strategies (not based in science) to take off the weight.


So let's say you're just not ready to dramatically limit your food intake. What then? 


Outside of moving your body, staying hydrated and eating healthy, whole foods, which nobody argues with, HOW you eat (or not eat) is critical. This comes down to habits and the psychology of eating.


Building healthy life-long habits, one at a time, is where real results happen.


Habits like learning how to eat slowly (yes this is a skill), designing a proper sleep ritual, and creating the perfect meal.


This article is free. Take it or leave it. Nothing will happen either way. Am I recommending anything?


I recommend you consider things critically. Look for simple, one at a time, solutions. Check in with yourself every day. Commit to learning and never give up.


I'm Coach Doree. IF you need my help, it may be a fit for us to work together. It may not. I'm a picky coach and I only work with highly motivated clients willing to dive deeply into themselves and their situation on a daily basis.


This site, is dedicated to the service of anyone seeking to improve their health and inner happiness. Our specialty is serving the unique needs of Highly Sensitive People, Empaths and those recovering from Narcissistic Abuse. 







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