The Ideal Diet for Empaths

July 25, 2017

These days, there's no more loaded topic than nutrition science and diet advice. Well maybe politics. (FYI, we are NEVER going there). 


The clutter abounds. It's so intense there's even a name for those consumed with the details. Orthorexic ~ An obsession with eating foods one believes are healthy.


That's right. The Joy of Cooking has become, The Misery of Feeding Yourself.

Food is officially scary and no fun. Oh, and it's bad for us, the environment, and our spiritual evolution.  And even if some of the information is important I feel full. Like I lost control at the all you can eat buffet. 


Is there a way to safely purge and stop binging on all this info? 


I hope so. 


Here's how I did it.


I became a nutrition agnostic. It means I believe in real food, yes! But an exact religion of eating for all humans? No. 


After years of exploring numerous nutrition paths like Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, Paleo, ketogenic, LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), Banting, macrobiotic, 100 mile diet, intermittent fasting, Zone, Whole 30, Bulletproof and natural hygiene principals


I got a few Ah has. 


First, that in the past, I might have qualified as the poster child for orthorexia (sigh). Second, that I value freedom and fun over extreme self-control. Third, that thinking too much about the health of my food was stressing me out.


Fourth. Everyone's body and nutritional needs are different. I need to become the diet detective for myself or get a guide to help me. And finally, that food is a huge pleasure for me. I love it! Cooking and delighting in a delicious meal with others is one of life's true pleasures. To pull this off, you've got to have a healthy mindset. 


As an empath, I uncovered the perfect diet for me. I eat healthy, whole foods and enjoy each and every bite. I am a liberated former orthorexic. 


Eventually, I learned to avoid radical, extreme diets and lifestyles. The reality for me is they create stress. And for many others they weaken or damage the metabolism. Plus they just don't work over the long term. 


The NY Times featured a story on the tragic, long term results for contestants of the popular show, "The Biggest Loser." 


The perfect diet is discovered when we ask great questions of ourselves AND listen well. Then we take smart and thoughtful actions to build healthy, lifelong habits. 


Focus on healthy habits and behaviours. Avoid the latest diet craze.


The perfect diet for Empaths is the one that nourishes all of you, Mind, Body and Spirit. 


And if any of this feels out of reach, get a coach  and bring back the Joy of Eating. 







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    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


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