Becoming an Unfazeable Empath

July 19, 2017

Empaths tend to be easily fazed by the negative emotions of others. Fish out of water, we're an easy catch for insensitive, left brain dominant types needing someone to feel for them. At work, in our families, even while driving through traffic, if emotions flare, WE are there. Unconsciously sopping it up like gravy to bread. 


Does it ever end?


I don't have the complete answer because it's never ended for me. But I do have 3 wildly effective strategies to becoming an unfazeable empath. Check them out and pick the one that charms you. 


Strategy 1. 


Intend to be fearless.


Yes that's right, I said the "f-word."




And no matter how accomplished you become, you've probably noticed there's still some dark irrational fears lurking around, right? Maybe you've decided fear is normal. "It's best I just accept it." And I'm going to invite you to do the opposite. To intend to become fearless.


Intentions are far more powerful than affirmations. You can affirm all day long and nothing happens. But intention. Now there's a superhero charm if there ever was one. 


When you create an intention, then get out of your own way, miracles happen. Try it on. "I intend to become fearless."


Strategy 2. 


Think less.


Learn how to quiet your mind because your power lives just before the thinking. In the quiet calm. In the calm, you're unfazeable aren't you? And true calm is absent of thoughts and mental energy.


Your amazingness exists in the space just prior

to the commentary.

~ Doree Blake


Once we're hit by chatter it's hard to find any peace. For more tips and ideas to help with this powerful strategy...


Listen to a short podcast I did on, How to Quiet the Mind. 


Strategy 3. 


It's not about you.


Tell yourself going into any situation, "It's not about me. This is NOT about me." Embody this notion and be liberated from small mindedness, the need to be right or perfect. Taking the focus off yourself frees you from anger, irritation, guilt and shame. It's a potent ego antidote's not about you, silly. 



So there you go my empathic brick house. Some simple yet powerful strategies to help you stay solid and firmly on the ground. Which one did you chose? 




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