Get Your Body Back

April 18, 2017

Have you heard of the nurse with the sick kids? The mechanic driving the broken down car? Or the shoemaker's family with no shoes?


How about the caregiver with the uncared for body?


Oh honey! Don't go hanging your head. Smile instead, because you HAVE a body.


A body, about to transform! 


This is your official invitation to begin reconnecting with your loveable bod. 


Because it's time, right? And because you're SO worth it, my friend. 


Reconnecting to Your Body in Steps



Step 1 

Regain proper alignment


Get your muscles and bones talking to each other and in their proper place. THIS step is VITAL because without proper alignment everything is harder including weight-loss, balance, digestion, repair AND getting a decent sleep.


How do you check your postural alignment?


You can go see a professional or you can try this simple and quick test.


Postural Alignment Test: You'll need a wall to stand against. Go barefoot if possible. Turn your back to the wall and connect your heels against the wall (feet directly under hips and toes pointing straight ahead), then bring your shoulder blades to touch the wall. Finally, bring the back of your head to touch. Let your arms hang, palms facing forward. Be sure to breathe.


For some this will not be easy. You may notice slight strain to stand in this posture. Or bringing your head back to touch was hard, maybe impossible. If this is you, don't fret. Your posture is out of alignment. It's time to fix it!


What does it mean when posture is out of alignment?!


It means, some muscles are pulling too much while others are napping.




Did you know, tight muscles are weak muscles?  


The fancy way to say have musculoskeletal imbalance. It could be from side to side or front to back. Muscles generally work in pairs. While one pulls the other relaxes. Then they tag team and the relaxer wakes up to pull while it's buddy has a snooze. Muscles tend to sleep with one eye open. Even in the passive role they could be stabilizing a joint..


HOW do I get better posture? 


Here are a few suggestions...


YOGA (especially with a teacher who will put their hands on you to encourage alignment). 


AquaFit classes - a gentle and fun way to restore posture


Tai Chi - "moving meditation"


Dancing - something about moving the body to music automatically reconnects it to itself



Step 2



Practice 3D Breathing.


Imagine your breath filling your belly, mid and upper back and chest.


When possible, breathe in and out through the nose.


As you breathe in, slightly contract the throat to create an “ocean” sound

(ujjiayi breathing).


You'll know you've got it when you feel kinda blissful.


For added calm, rest your tongue just behind your top teeth (Thymus point).


Need a quick Self Care boost?

Light a candle and turn your body into a Spa with 5 minutes of 3D Ocean Breathing.



Step 3

Choose Functional Movements


There's a great myth going around our culture. A myth that states we NEED machines to stay fit. Hey, just hop on a spin bike and peddle yourself into a sweaty mess.


News Flash!

Spinning is not a functional movement. Don't kid yourself. It doesn’t improve balance, strength, or posture! And all that cardio (for those with metabolic issues) could be doing more harm than good. 


Functional movements are multi-joint / multi-plane. For bodies living in the REAL world. Movements like...


Lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, walking, sitting, standing, chewing (Yes I said chewing) also jumping and stepping. 


THESE are functional movements.



Can you squat?

Because we all need to squat.


And learning HOW to move functionally pays the greatest dividends to your quality of life.


No spinning?!  (If you love it, please spin but know it's not superduper functional AND for some it can be quite stress inducing)


What about cardio?


The beauty of practicing ANY functional movements is... you get cardio too!


If you don’t believe me, try doing 20 air squats (like the picture above) with proper breathing and form.




Magic Fitness Question…How does this exercise (I’m doing/considering) apply to my life?



Here's to reconnecting with our bodies at any age.


Here's to your transformation.


Here's to YOU! 



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