Strategies to Get YourSelf Out of Winter and Into Spring!

April 13, 2017


Winter can be a state of mind, body and spirit. It's cold and dark, even brooding. A great deal happens under the surface.


Spring is emotional. It flows. Like rain, it washes and cleans us inside and out. We become vibrant and luminous. 


Are you ready to shift into Spring? Read on for potent tips and strategies to help you embrace this new season. Because your inner glow awaits!  


Let's look first at the mind. Get the mind right and the body follows...



Writer and creativity teacher, Julia Cameron introduced the powerful exercise known as Morning Pages. If your mind needs cleansing, I can think of no better way. Here’s how to do this simple practice. Oh, and if you're really out of sorts just commit to doing this once. Just once. I promise you'll feel better.


How to clear the mind with Morning Pages...


In the morning (preferably) sit with pen and paper and begin to write. Write whatever comes to mind. Write without criticism or analysis. Pay no attention to grammar, spelling, or neatness. Simply pour your thoughts on the page and go where they take you. Do this for 3 full pages of foolscap. What you do with your writing afterwards is up to you. 


I recommend the practice of Morning Pages for those who say they cannot meditate. If you’re in the, my mind never stops! tribe, give Morning Pages a whirl.


If you’ve done the practice of Morning Pages in the past, you are nodding right now. "Yes, I need to do this again."


Yes, you do. 


"If you want to save the world, stay home."

~ David R Hawkins



Spring is a time of cleansing. Many of us help others to go through their homes. Recycling and sharing items that no longer serve. I help people reconnect with a healthier body through nutrition and lifestyle coaching. At this time of year, there's often a buzz around, "doing a cleanse." Maybe you've said it yourself. 


I feel gross. It's time for a cleanse. 


Wonderful! Just remember a sensitive person has unique needs. Let’s look at a few considerations for the empath about to spring clean their body.  


Be Gentle - Chose gentle over harsh methods. I once had annoying constipation while on a trip. In a reckless and desperate move, I took senna. Now if you don't know the joys of senna, let’s chat! Senna is a potent laxative herb that stimulates peristalsis. For some, (I include myself), it gets things moving in the most gob-socking way! Ah, senna. You've been warned. 


We find you at the health food store holding two boxes - one says Gentle (First Time, Beginner, Newbie) Cleanse while the other is called, Colon Blow. Please take the kinder version. You’ll thank me later.  


Look to Nature - Instead of purchasing a cleanse kit from the health food store, first look at your diet. How do you already eat that's cleansing? Here are some examples. 


With Springtime comes an abundance of fresh greens and herbs like parsley. In Winter, my Vita-mix holds bases like full fat yoghurt or coconut milk. In Spring it’s juicy veggies and tender greens like spinach, kale, dandelion and a wee bit of mustard.


While we’re on the topic of natural liquids. Instead of coffee in the afternoon, I'll enjoy a large anti-oxidant Rooibos tea or Japanese sencha green tea (outstanding for weight-loss, by the way). 


Every morning I fill my shaker bottle with 2 oz Aloe, a TBSP of Greens powder and 3 TBSPs of chia seeds plus clean, cold water. I shake it off and on for a few minutes allowing the chia to plump. Then I sip my beautiful green drink slowly and with gratitude. 


Sound lovely? 


It is. 


Now, in what ways is your eating NOT cleansing? Could you live without some of the heavy, comfort foods of Winter? Instead of a cream based soup try a light broth? If you've been eating grain based breads and pastas, take a look at millet, pumpkin seeds (SO cleansing!), hemp, flax and chia.


Remember there's no right or wrong way of eating. There's only what's best for you. And sometimes, what's best changes with the season.  



Nature is a tonic for the spirit. Go outside. Be still and listen. Catch the scent of a budding blossom. Notice the unfolding. The effortless letting go of Winter. 


Living a Wellness Lifestyle is not about who you need to become. It's about what you need to release. To let go and reveal a deeper, richer version of yourself.


Like a crocus pushing away the cold soil. What might you let go of this season? If you'd like inspiration for practicing letting go, visit our sister site 

This Spring I invite you to find a cozy place inside yourself and bask in it. Take stock in your amazingness. What qualities do you have for which you are most grateful? 



Happy Springtime! 






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