The Power of a Recharge Ritual

March 31, 2017

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What's a Recharge Ritual


A daily practice to lower stress.


For instance, meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, or Qigong. Walking in nature is one of my favourites.



Benefits to having a Recharge Ritual…


  • Reduced inflammation


  • Improved repair and organ function



  • Release of superficial muscle gripping


  • Increased energy


  • Improved mental clarity and focus


  • Emotional healing


  • Better sleep


  • Effortless weight loss


Just 15-20 minutes of calmness (1-2x each day). This simple practice rebalances your body putting you in a state of JOY!


Chose what effortlessly relaxes you.


Napping, Forest bathing, sun bathing, walking barefoot, journalling, humming, singing. Any right brain, yin-type activity will do.


I devote 15 minutes each morning to 4 simple, postural exercises. It's my time to breathe, be fully in my body and anchor a blissful state.



What's your favourite Recharge Ritual?



Let's work together to take you (and your loveable body) where YOU want to go! Consider our World-Class Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Programs. Because YOU are World-Class to me.


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