The Little Known Secret to Weight loss

March 23, 2017

What a complicated mess we've made with weight loss.


Do we know what works yet?






OR is there something else?


When it comes to solving complex problems, I prefer the "Kindergarten version." Hey don't get me wrong. I loves me some science! And research. And studies. Oh, I lurve studies. 


Like Homer Simpson with a donut.


Mmmm, studies….


But can we just STOP for a second. Put down the studies and take a simple step? With weight loss, what is that step?!


That step has been covered since ancient times.


[Drumroll please] The little known secret to weight loss success is…


"Know Thyself.”


I know, you thought I'd say,


"Hey, take this pill!"




To know yourself and reveal your unique weight loss solution, you must pay attention. Create awareness and without criticism or judgement.


Simply notice yourself. How you make your way through the day. What are you putting in your mouth? Where are you eating? Did you sit and chew or munch while driving your car? Nothing is bad or wrong in noticing.


How does your body move through the day? Just notice. Don't judge. Judging never helped anyone create a deeper awareness. It's a distraction and an escape.




So much of weight-loss results goes beyond diet and exercise.


If you're willing to pay attention.


To notice.


You’ll see for yourself.


Get in the cue to reach your weight-loss goals. Consider our Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching! Because THIS is YOUR year. 







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