Feel Alive Friday

August 16, 2019

Here's your weekly dose of, "Feel Alive Friday" a short list of what I’m meditating and musing on.


I'm writing about...

What a dog can teach us about letting go.


What's going on in my kitchen...

Instant Pot Bone Broth 


A quote I'm contemplating...

Dr David R Hawkins famously said,


"If you want to save the world, stay home." 


There is a frenzy of Dogooderism right now. And just to be clear being a dogooder is miles away from true helping. If you're a rescuer / pleaser type like me, you may want to check yourself on this issue. A do-gooder believes he's helping. In reality, he's imposing his world view on others. I say others because this can apply to animals, and the environment. There's a great deal of attention up for grabs if you appear to be helping.

Red World Green World by Margaret Chaney




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