IMPORTANT Note from Doree on Money...



As an Empath, I know the importance of getting my needs met. As this relates to money, I wish to share a few understandings.


I don't work for money. People don't pay me, either. I request what I wish to receive and clients are invited to gift me money. I am grateful to receive money as it helps me continue to do the coaching I love to do. Coaching serves my need to be connected. It's how I choose to contribute. When I'm immersed in a coaching conversation, I feel alive.  


It is my intention not to turn away anyone who needs coaching when I also feel a fit to be their coach. In this instance, money becomes a non-issue. I am delighted to share my gifts with others. 


My desire is to live in a world where people get all their needs met irrespective of money. If you feel a disparity between my request and what you wish to give, please contact me and I'm certain we can create an outcome where all our needs are met. Also, if you wish to provide the gift of coaching to those who may not have money I will receive your gift.  


~ Doree,  Sept 15, 2017 

    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


    Disclaimer: I don't receive any money for the sale of these nutritional products. 


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