"Coaching works to change a person's life for the better." ~ Ian Berry


It's a common understanding, "lead with the mind and the body follows." To this end, I'm delighted to offer coaching sessions. 


There's a reason so many happy and successful people have a coach. Because coaching works! 


If you've never tried it, I offer a complimentary session (sometimes 2) to give you a real experience of the power of coaching. So rather than telling you what coaching can do, let me show you!


During this world-wide Coronavirus issue, Coaching is Free of Charge 

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(Note: You will need to create a Login to access my calendar and make your session request) 

    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


    Disclaimer: I don't receive any money for the sale of these nutritional products. 


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