Powerful 1:1 Coaching for Accomplished, Sensitive Men and Women Over 40, with Big Dreams and Who Can’t Seem to Finish What They Start!




The Becoming Luminous® 1:1 Coaching Program is for ACCOMPLISHED, Highly Sensitive, EMPATHIC Men and Women, ready to embrace their next level, live their true and passionate Vision with energy-rich aliveness!


Do you find yourself in an epic struggle to finish what you start?


It never used to be like this. Yet with each new idea, project or dream, your family and friends cringe and roll their eyes. “Oh is THIS, the next latest and greatest thing you’re doing?”


And it’s true you’ve found something amazing (again) but only for a short time. Because the reality is, it will not get finished. You will abandon it as you have other projects and great ideas. And in so doing, you will abandon yourself (again).


Why is this happening? And why now?


Because you’ve fallen into a vicious, defeating pattern of Self-Sabotage.  

It’s stealing your light, your aliveness and destroying your self-esteem. If this is your problem, Becoming Luminous® Powerful 1:1 Coaching is your solution.  


Dear Sensitive One,


I feel your frustration and disappointment. You are a capable and talented person and I know you've had wonderful successes in life.


My life has been one of accomplishments too. I hold two University degrees, Science-based certifications and won numerous athletic and artistic awards. I’ve raised 3 beautiful children. They are all blossoming into loving and self-sufficient adults. My ability to create deep and lasting relationships with other gentle, loving people is a gift I treasure.


Yet despite experiencing success, from time to time, I succumb to a destructive pattern of self-sabotage. One with telltale signs. Signs I’m sure you’re intimately acquainted with...


Here's how it looks...


I wisely and thoughtfully choose a project that wows me. The money is spent.  Sometimes lots of money. Then I work hard. Make sacrifices. And there are exhilarating moments where I feel so close to achievement, to doing what I said I would do.


I’d bet you know exactly what I’m talking about: that excitement where all you can think about is this project. You lose sleep ‘cause you’re excited. You give it everything you’ve got because you can see your vision taking shape! You can taste your success ~ It's right around the corner!



Then, just before liftoff, something happens. Something tragic. I go unconscious. I abandon the process. How I “pull the pin” on my success happens in myriad ways, and some of them sound very familiar to you: discovering a critical flaw in the project, a wall I can’t climb, or the most costly, a shiny new idea that seduces me away.


You and I - we walk away.


So instead of enjoying the fruits of our labors and creativity. Instead of honoring the investment we made. Instead of keeping our word to ourselves...


We fail.


Only to begin again. And again. And again.


Like a reckless butterfly dancing from one beautiful flower to the next we never stop long enough to feed ourselves.


Then we become weak. Our integrity and self-esteem shrinks. We feel trapped and hopeless. Worst of all, we might choose to blame others for our failure. Take on the victim role.


Go dark.


I don't have to ask -  if you're still reading I know this sounds exactly like you. 


You Desire…


  • Completion of successful heart-centered projects


  • To balance your sensitive, non-traditional nature with achieving great things


  • To live a passion-driven, flexible, flourishing life filled will integrity and balance


  • To experience dazzling achievements while improving your health and relationships


  • To inspire your family and friends by shining brightly and sharing all your gifts and talents


  • To live more in the CELEBRATION of life, the gratitude and delight


And most of all:


  • To supercharge your Self-Discipline and Finish What You Start!


The Problem is:


For some time now, you’ve been stuck in an epic struggle to stick with something and finish what you start.


Do you see yourself:


  1. Making up stories about why you’re not done?

  2. Hearing yourself blame others (teachers, mentors, spouse)?

  3. Getting lost in other possibilities?

  4. Ignoring and procrastinating on the project you committed to?

  5. Quitting what you’ve been working on because of something new?

  6. Convincing your spouse you need more time (and money)?

  7. Becoming a wizard at hiding the financial costs?!


I ask you, "What are the real costs to someone who lives like this?"


If you feel like a guilt-ridden, exhausted, sham about to make another unconscious move in the wrong direction, it’s time to change.


Let’s position you for epic completion! 


I practiced Letting Go with Doree, and it has been one of the most powerful experiences. Her guided meditations are perfectly paced and meaningful. The Letting Go meditations have helped me greatly in my life. I was able to let go of blockages so I can move fully into a happier, more peaceful life. Thank you Doree! You're amazing, and your teachings/insights are incredibly valuable. ~ A.C.


Doree is an evolving encyclopedia for the spiritual warrior. Her Intuitive sense filters through all that is false straight to the Heart of the matter. An Empath and guide in Letting Go she is able to facilitate evolution from moment to moment. For those in helping professions, Doree is an expert guide toward clarity leaving one more effective and personally empowered.  ~ L. S.


How do I know your struggle?

I’ve been there too.



My Story


As a Highly Sensitive child, I grew up deeply affected by the envy, disappointment, and authority of others. I wanted to do my best. But my best often caused upset in the people I cared about. When I won, others would lose. I felt their loss like it was my pain.


Sensitive to the envy of others I would play small. Dropping the ball on my projects or quitting while I was ahead, I developed a nasty habit of unconsciously pulling back. As a result,


My stuff came last or it never got done.


Over time this destroyed my self-confidence.


I was raised to respect those in positions of authority. This might have worked if those in power were kind, trusting and wise. They were not. I was expected to please these people and ignore the warning signs.

Torn between pleasing and listening to myself, the Pleaser often won out. I gave priority to the needs and demands of others while ignoring my own. Pleasing became a method of self-sabotage. One clear way to mess things up is to not finish what you start while insisting the needs of others are more important.  


By my mid 30’s I had all but mastered the art of playing small. Oh, I kept up the pleasing and added quitting while I was ahead ~ Leaving promising careers and walking away from important projects.  


For instance, I loved being an educator and I was pretty darn good. In addition to teaching, I trained colleagues and mentored student teachers. A natural entrepreneur, I created a consultancy and coached businesses in HR and Marketing. I did good work there too. My company grew by referral. Yet in those and other cases, success felt confusing and painful. Deep inside, I believed I was unworthy of becoming great. 


In some strange way, it was easier to fail. 


I was a real mess. Yet as the saying goes, it's darkest before dawn. Dawn happened to break while listening to a spiritual teacher named, Dr. David R Hawkins. He said...


"The biggest competition out there is victimhood. We are addicted to the "juice" of negative thinking ~ of playing small."


His words hit me like a ton of bricks. Could it be that's how I'd been living? Unconsciously striving to be a victim? Making choices to ensure I stayed small and incomplete? 


The realization changed my life. Over the next 12 years all the lies I'd believed about how I should be, lost their grip. Waking up to reality, I became increasingly hopeful. The path was my choice. Life still had its struggle but each day I felt more alive, complete and unstoppable! 



And now it's your turn.



Awaken to a Level of Self-Confidence like you’ve never seen before!


What can I expect from the Becoming Luminous® 1:1 Coaching Program?


Through our 16 sessions of  1:1 coaching, expect…


  • To become aware and strategic regarding self-sabotage


  • To get crystal clear on your authentic needs and how to get your needs met


  • To stay true to your path


  • To show strong commitment, self-discipline and finish what you start


  • To deepen your most cherished relationships


  • To live with Integrity and Grace


  • To thrive with Optimal Self-Confidence


  • To identify and live your True Vision


and to Become Luminous!


Becoming Luminous® 1:1 Coaching with Doree


What’s it like to work with me?


My clients chose to work with me because I know the challenges and rewards of being highly sensitive. They love my energy which is contagious, engaging and fun. I connect deeply with my clients and therefore take great efforts to wisely choose those I will work with.


As a coach, I’m straight up and honest. It doesn’t serve anyone to put on airs or pretend we have nothing to hide. I believe in transparency. Our sessions will always feel uninhibited.  


Clients benefit from my capacity to consider issues from multiple perspectives. Ideas come to me effortlessly and through a highly developed intuitive sense.


As a master strategist, I have the ability to sort through the clutter and find the best route. This is not a skill that can be taught and is, in fact, a distinct way of thinking. Where others see complexity, I see patterns, ideas, and solutions.


My approach is direct and action-oriented. I help my clients turn ideas into reality. I have a strong inner drive to achieve and believe this is an innate quality in all humans. As your coach, I will help you define a clear vision, set challenging goals, create strong focus and use your energy as efficiently as possible. Most important, we will weave in vital self-care and celebration of your accomplishments.


Clients get the benefit of over a dozen years of daily spiritual work. I’ve been a student and teacher of Human Potential Strategies for over 30 years. I walk my talk and you will too!


Over our time together, my coaching is delivered in response to your unique needs. To give you a sense of some areas we may cover, consider these possibilities:



Free Yourself from Old Habits and Ineffective Patterns

Getting free of limiting beliefs makes finishing what you start a snap!

All psychosocial therapies are concerned with refining the human ego. The intention is to help one become a more acceptable (civilized) human being for society. By contrast, Becoming Luminous® 1:1 Coaching focuses not on refining the ego but becoming liberated from it.


Learn How to Let Go

Letting Go effectively (yes there is a technique!) results in a calm mind and body. Calmness is the optimal working state. It's from this optimal state completion of projects becomes effortless.  

Discover simple yet powerful techniques and practices to release pent-up negativity, trauma and limiting beliefs. While doing my Master's degree, I created a blog and podcasts dedicated to teaching others how to Let Go. Experience the profound gift of a calm mind and calm body.


Attract Powerful Relationships 

Nothing can affect project completion more than being in a draining relationship. When you're struggling in a dysfunctional dynamic, nothing gets accomplished!   A few communication tools mastered and applied can create breakthroughs in your relationships. The problem is, we don’t recognize what’s missing. Learning how others are wired differently liberates us from thinking everyone is insensitive and with-holding somehow. Ready to get your needs met for real and position yourself for epic completion?


Create a Life Vision and Legacy

Many people struggle day to finish what they start because they have no Vision. No sense of a clear picture of who they are becoming. I often hear, “What’s MY Purpose?!” Maria Nemeth said, “Success is doing what you said you would do in life consistently with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.” and I agree. But first you need a Vision and then a coach to help you find success.   


Get Your Mind Right

The mind is a beautiful thing if it’s under your control. An unruly mind sabotages your efforts to get stuff done. Clients with misdirected minds will benefit from the strategies covered to both quiet and direct the mind.


Develop Your Intuitive Gifts

As an Empath or HSP, your intuition is a top-notch tool to help you stay on track and complete what you start. Discover life-changing applications for intuition, creativity, and empathic knowing. 


7 Key Lifestyle Changes Empaths and HSPs NEED to Make

Get to the Finish Line with these powerful lifestyle changes! I have personally acquired and tested these get-er-done strategies geared to ramp up your results. 





How Does it Work?


Once you've Booked your 2 hour Discovery Call, you'll be sent an email requesting further details for your application. On your scheduled day and time you'll be provided with a Powerful Coaching Session. This will give you a real sense of the extraordinary impact of coaching and ensure a fit for both you and myself. If we chose to work together you'll be invited into the program. 


If you are accepted into our BECOMING LUMINOUS® 1:1 Coaching Program we'll connect once a week by Skype. All you have to do is book your session day and time in advance through our easy online Booking System. Overall, you’ll receive 16 powerful coaching events, geared to serve your unique situation and provide immense value. 


Each session will be recorded and the recording will be made available to you.





Hi Doree. I feel like I've been in constant worry for too long. You helped me snap out of it! Your intuition and insight were exactly what I needed. I really admire your wisdom, intelligence, and expertise in this life. In my eyes, you have mastered it with beauty.

I'm grateful to have a connection to you. ~ N.D.


To Apply...  



To Start your Application to BECOMING LUMINOUS® 1:1 Coaching, BOOK YOUR DISCOVERY CALL!



Bonuses Baby!


  • As a new client, you'll be first in line to receive a copy of my upcoming book, Let Sh*t Go: 7 Proven Strategies for Highly Sensitive People over 40 to Get Unshakable Self-Confidence


  • Full Email Access to Doree


  • Plus, Access to our Online Daily Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program

(upon approval by Doree)




What Happens After You Enroll...


It's Easy Peasy! Go to our Book Coaching Page, Login and set up your Sessions. You'll have the option of 1-2 weeks of space between each session. Our system can be synced with many calendars and to send out reminders. If you reside in North America, the phone number you provide will be the one I call for our sessions. For International clients, I’ll have you call my office for your session.


Limited Enrollment...


I am delighted to offer this Becoming Luminous® 1:1 Coaching Program to a select few. Due to the personal and intimate nature of this type of coaching, enrollment is limited to only 5 clients. If you feel this would serve a major need in your life right now, take action.




This Program is Unique...


Lately, there's been an increasing amount of support for the Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). However, none are addressing the serious issues of self-sabotage and completing what we start. It's not possible for any online information, books or programs to meet the unique needs of the sensitive individual. This coaching is personalized. Designed to fit your needs exactly. Allowing us to increase the depth and velocity of change while keeping you calm and grounded.


This is not another left-brain centered personal growth initiative. Nor do we use a cookie cutter approach here. We are not refining you or polishing your ego. You are not getting a make-over. This is about liberating your blocks to finishing what you start. 


Our program's goal is to get your Dream to the Finish Line!




My Promise To You


I promise to show up fully for our sessions, to honour your becoming. To be totally honest and transparent. I will ask your permission to share deep insights and I will not hold back.


Through this deep and meaningful process, you will…



  • Accomplish several goals (at least one will feel miraculous)


  • Get to the root of how you self-sabotage and reveal strategies to shift it


  • Learn how to identify your true needs and how to best get your needs met


  • Break free of your self-defeating patterns


  • Finish what you Start!


This coaching will massively boost self-confidence and give you the

freedom to Say YES! yourSELF.


Who The Program Is For & Who It’s Not For


If you are attached to being a victim and must continue telling the world your traumatic story, this is not for you. Wanna keep making excuses? This is not for you either. Because each session unfolds based on your needs, you must show up.


Show up, means, if you have any hesitation about making our sessions a priority, of being on time or fully present, this is not for you.


If you are not over the moon! and wildly excited to get started, this is not for you.


I only work with those chomping at the bit.


This program is for accomplished, sensitive men and women who know they could break-free of old ways of being and finish what they start if they only had a coach in their corner.


Have you heard yourself saying, “I just need something to help me get through this part of my life/ this project/ this baffling relationship / this end of my career / this stuck state I'm in?”


Then it’s time for you to Become Luminous!



What Happens If You Don’t Take Action Now?


Oh, Sweetie,  


If you're anything like me, you know life is short. We don't ever know how long we get. The qualities you need to finish what you started and realize your dreams, are inside you. It's a proven fact, humans do better when someone believes in us.


Let's work together.


Would now be the time to dive into greater aliveness?


Are you ready to "start the finishing" on your dreams?




Client Service and Satisfied Needs


If you have any questions or needs, I am just an email away ~




Doree Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions




    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


    Disclaimer: I don't receive any money for the sale of these nutritional products. 


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