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Our Story (Yours and Mine)


 Hello Gentle Reader,


My name is Doree.


I help Highly Sensitive People transform themselves from good to GREAT.


I'm an educator and an empath. (More on me here)


Why Highly Sensitive People?


I love Highly Sensitive People! Heck, I am one myself.


I hate how hard it is for us to be healthy in body and mind


So, I created EmpathFit.com offering quality coaching programs to support HSPs. To help you darling sensitive move from good to GREAT!


Scientific studies show 1 in 5 people are Highly Sensitive.  


Schools, businesses, hospitals, recreation centers and other institutions are not designed to support the HSP. These places are often overstimulating and harsh to the HSP. 


Stress to our (finely-tuned) nervous system can lead to inflammation, anxiety/depression, weight problems, addictions, and burn-out. 


HSPs tend to be victims of childhood trauma and abuse. I wrote about my own experience here.  Into adulthood, we can attract narcissists, energy vampires, even sociopaths.


On the brighter side, HSPs are intuitive, creative people. HSPs can be caregivers, artists, therapists, writers, or work from home entrepreneurs. HSPs bring immense value to the world. I LOVE to create self-healing articles and programs! Many of my empathic creations are featured on EmpathFit.com.  


Often over the years, I have felt alone. Like no one would understand. To survive, I found ways to disconnect. I escaped into activities and learning new things. I was like a hunter-gather of experiences and ideas. These became like clouds covering up the sun. Eventually, the sun (my authentic self) lived behind all the clouds and I had to learn how to let go... 

(I worked with a method for Letting Go featured here. It helped me and many others release the clouds of trauma, sadness, abandonment and betrayal. It helped us heal.) 


EmpathFit.com  continues the self-healing journey and offers transformational coaching. 


If we want a better world we must start with ourselves.


Tap into 100's of free Tips and  Strategies for the Highly Sensitive Person. Connect with other sensitives. Learn and grow! 



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Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, I am offering FREE Coaching and Homeschooling Support. 



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    Your health is important to me. Healing with REAL food is #1 and sometimes supplements can help.


    Disclaimer: I don't receive any money for the sale of these nutritional products. 


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